David's Biography - DAK Photography

Canadian photographer, David Kunin lives in Tokyo Japan where he serves as the rabbi of the Jewish Community. Photography has been a consuming passion ever since he was given his first instamatic at the age of seven. There have been many cameras since then, most recently a Nikon D7000. David has always been drawn to the numinous. As a photographer he seeks out liminal places which seem to bridges the gap between the sacred and the mundane. He also focuses on people living out their daily lives. Therefore, none of his photographs are posed. Instead, they try to capture the actuality of the moment. Many of his pictures are Black and White images, allowing for interplay of dark and light, and a focus on the image without the distraction of colour. More recently he has moved towards impressionism, aiming for his pictures to capture essence as well as the external reality. The colourful blurred abstraction leads the viewer away from detail to merely a quick impression of the scene in all its diversity and movement.

David blogs from Japan at www.tokyorabbi.blogspot.com

David's photography has been featured in several one man shows and he is now

represented by the Lando Gallery in Edmonton Alberta, Canada


There was a review of David's recent show in the Edmonton Journal:


Asakusa Portrait